Monday, November 19, 2012

New Kits for the Rivoli Urchin Pendant

The Rivoli Urchin Pendant reminds me of a jewel encrusted sea creature.  The green, blue, and black stripes remind me of a Halloween or circus costume.  The color combination includes purple amethyst, aqua, blue, bronze, and a pretty green Swarovski rivoli crystal in the center. It contains over 500 glass beads, each one woven precisely into place.
This pendant is 1 1/2 inches (39 mm) wide and 5/8 inches (15 mm) thick. Its size makes it suitable for a focal bead on a necklace. A web of beads on the back allows you to add a cord or a medium sized chain and wear it as a pendant.

This pendant is now available as a very limited edition kit.  I can't source all of the beads, so they'll be sold out soon.  The pattern sold with this kit (or alone) includes all of the instructions for making the Rivoli Urchin pendant, as well as the complete necklace.  

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