Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Commission Jan 2012

I started working on a commission do a large, framed piece of flat beaded art. I started with free form hexagon angle weave, but not so free form as to loose the pretty patterns in it. I purposely started with a few odd bits, rings of 5 instead of 6 and a couple of 4mm beads just to make things challenging. Then, I spent hours trying to "fix the mistakes" by making adjustments so that everything will fit and lie flat. What results is a crazy patchwork design that is a combination of order and chaos, where one pattern drifts into the next as do the colors. I keep coming back to this theme. I think there are some nice metaphors there, about working around the problems, and that order and confusion can coexist. It's not done yet, but I thought you might like to see my progress.  Here is what it looked like after the first day of weaving.

Here is my progress, day 2. I included a dime so you can see how big it is.

Day 3: I added some super right angle weave and Kepler's Star. I think I've decided to make it sort of a rectangle shape, working on towards the left.


  1. Wonderful color and design...
    -Eva Maria

  2. It shines, it glows and looks very alive - ecxellent bead art!
    Best greetings from Lowrer-Austria:

  3. Thank you so much Uli. It does feel like it has a life of its own.

  4. I have written and erased the word "organic" twice because it seems so over-used but I think it is quite apt here. It is gorgeous. Be sure to share a picture of the finished piece.

  5. Ewa, thank you.

    KJ, I think organic is a good word to describe it. I'm glad you like it. I promise, there will be more photos as it progresses. Stay tuned.

  6. Where can i buy this? I love it not for sale?

    Best wishes from Is

  7. This piece was a commission. It was sold before I took the first stitch. If you would like me to make you something similar, please send me an email to discuss time and pricing. Thanks. Gwen (at)


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