Friday, January 27, 2012

New Ring Nebula Kits

We have a new kit colors scheme for our Ring Nebula pattern.  I call it Metallic Rose because it's got some nice warm pink and burgundy beads in it and a whole bunch of silver and bronze.

The first six people who order this kit will also receive a free silver pressed glass ring.  I would have put them in all of the kits, but I bought all that they had.  The color and size matches the Ring Nebula perfectly.


  1. Gorgeous again! I love the colors you use... :o)

  2. Thank you Katie. They sell such pretty seed beads these days. It's hard not to collect them in every color.

  3. You have been really productive Gwen. You are right about seed beads. I have to admit though that I never have the exact right color.


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