Monday, November 29, 2010

Felt Cuffs for Pixies and Other Creatures

I've been having a good time making felt cuffs lately, a good remedy for cold winter hands. 

Textile Cuff Bracelets XVIII Redwood Green Nymph Nuno Wet Felt with Merino Wool Silk and Metal Snaps

My favorite colors of all are the greens found in nature.  This pair of beaded felt cuffs use all of those leafy greens, with little bits of woody browns.  I even added little brown bugle beads to the bead embroidery, which remind me of broken branches.

Textile Cuff Bracelets XVII Black Purple Cranberry Nuno Wet Felt with Merino Wool Silk and Metal Snaps
These are all of the colors my sister loves, purple, cranberry, grape, wine, with a black border.
Textile Cuff Bracelets XV Distressed Black Blue Aqua Nuno Wet Felt with Merino Wool Silk and Metal Snaps

Textile Cuff Bracelets XIIII Distressed Black Purple Nuno Wet Felt with Merino Wool Silk and Metal Snaps

These four pairs for sale in my Etsy shop, gwenbeads. Click on the links to see more photos an read more about them.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

2011 Mathematical Art Gallery

A set of 12 of my beaded beads were selected for the 2011 Exhibition of Mathematical Art at this year's Joint Mathematics Meeting.  I call the set "Blue Ionic Polyhedra: 12 Beaded Beads in Two Sizes."
I wrote a pattern so that you can learn to weave own beaded Ionic Polyedra.  The pattern includes information on all of these (and other) beaded beads except the rhombic dodecahedron.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Four Intersecting Triangles and a Pair of Ionic Cube Earrings

I made another set of four intersecting triangles, this time, with my own beaded triangle design.  This piece is tiny, measuring just over an inch across.
I also listed a new pair of silvery Mini Ionic Cube Earrings
Both of these are for sale in my Etsy shop.  Click the links above to read more information about these pieces and see more photos. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Tone Faux Fur Playa Coat

Here's my latest faux fur coat, in deep purple and black.  I started with McCalls pattern 5092 (medium), but I altered it enough that I'm not sure you'd consider it the same pattern anymore.  
The purple is much deeper and richer in person; my camera just can't seem to photograph this color right!  It's got two pockets, a wide hood, and two pairs of hooks to clasp the front.  It's fully lined in black and oh-so comfy and warm.  The cut is a full swing coat with dolman sleeves.  Because I designed the hood from scratch, I had to cut the hood three times before I was happy with it.  The first hood was totally the wrong shape and the nap was going straight down which made it look funny in the front.  The second one, I fixed the shape, and I cut it with the nap pointing straight back, which created this funny duck-butt looking seam in the back.  The third time, I finally got the right shape and the nap going down and back diagonally. 
I also sewed the hem twice to get it to drape properly, but in the end, it turned out just as I envisioned it.  I'm shipping it out to it's new owner today.

More Ionic Polyhedra

I listed two beaded beads in my Etsy Shop.
Ionic Octahedron
This one is in nice earthy metallic colors with watery green Swarovski crystals sparkling on the inside.
Ionic Cube 
I especially like this first view of the cube because you can see right through two of the holes.
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