Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Penrose Tile Beading with Garden Weave

I released a new tutorial this month on Garden Weave.
Garden Weave is a flat beaded angle weave like right angle weave (RAW). This tutorial explains the basics technique of beading and designing with Garden Weave and gives detailed instructions for this pair of easy earrings and a pendant.
Here they are in orange. Super fun! Garden weave is a fun way to explore color combinations with nothing more than seed beads and thread.
The tutorial includes many, many different samples of beadwork and charts that explain their structure. Charts for two different repeating patterns are included so you can let your imagination run wild to make bracelets and design other elaborate pieces with Garden Weave, including the chart for this pendant.
For an extra challenge, the tutorial includes charts and a beaded pendant using Penrose tiles, including this one.
After completing the tutorial, I beaded this large patch of a Penrose tiling with Garden Weave using the techniques I explain in the tutorial.
 Here you can see how big it is.
I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it, but here's a detail.
And another!
 Thanks for looking!
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