Monday, March 14, 2011

Hexagon Angle Weave Video

I just posted my latest how-to-bead video lesson made with Doceri.  This one is on hexagon angle weave, which is similar to right angle weave (RAW) but the loops have 6 beads instead of 4, and only 3 loops meet at a corner (like in a tiling by hexagons) instead of 4 (like a tiling by squares).  I made this bracelet using the technique I explain in the video.  I made a separate video explaining how to make the earrings.
The video for hexagon angle weave is below. If you don't have 8 minutes to spare, just zip to the end and watch the last minute.  It's my favorite part.  It demonstrates my tendency towards horror vacui, an artist's fear of open space.  Every since I started drawing, I have felt this desire to fill up the entire page with my drawing.  Maybe that's why I am so fascinated by repeating patterns, because you can make them fill up as big of a space as you can choose.  Likewise, they bother me because you can never get to the end of the pattern.

In terms of beads, I prefer the look of hexagon angle weave to un-embellished RAW because less thread is visible in HAW, but it still creates a similar look and feel to RAW.  The beaded fabric is still soft and drapes well.  Plus, with the method I show in the video, HAW weaves up faster than RAW.   If you try HAW with some real beads, I hope you'll show me what you make!


  1. Hi,
    great work, i like the colors very much.
    greetings karin

  2. Thank you Blacklady! I'm glad yo like it.

  3. I've spent the last week getting this stitch firmly fixed in my brain. I've created a design using this stitch and would like to show it to you, but I don't find an e mail or contact other than your web site.

    I had fun playing with this stitch. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. You can contact me at gwen [at] beadinfinitum [dot] com. Thank you for your comments. I look forward to seeing what you've made!


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