Monday, January 7, 2013

More Starburst Galaxy for Bead & Button 2013

I'm still working on designs for the Starburst Galaxy class that Florence Turnour and I will be teaching at the Bead & Button Show in June 2013.  On line registration begins January 8.  That's tomorrow.  With more than 20 different stars to make in this "galaxy" I'm still making new ones.  The pattern shows stars in four different sizes.  This is the largest 3-pointed star.
The night before last, I made one, and I didn't know what to do with it.   So I made another one. Then I made a couple more and linked them all together. I think it's going to be a bracelet. It's about an inch wide. I needed to find a clasp. So today I visited two different bead shops and I couldn't find anything quite right, so I came home and searched in my sewing box instead.

Now, I've had these hook and eye clasps since my Nana passed away about 20 years ago, when I inherited her sewing box. You can see she paid 19 cents for the whole card of them, and they're still in great condition. Thanks Nana. They didn't rust, just like the card promised. I am reminded that seed bead weaving is a form of needlecraft, and sometimes, a clasp can be readily found in sewing notions rather than in jewelry findings.  I think I'm happy with this solution.  It's not the fanciest clasp, but it's inconspicuous, and I think it will be secure and reasonably easy to take on and off.  I want the focus on the stars, not the clasp. 

I also used a hook and eye clasp on this Starburst Galaxy necklace.  It shows 6-pointed stars in all four sizes.

Here's another necklace with a few different stars.  This piece shows how the stars are links that you can link together with wire wrapped loops.
Here's a medium 8-pointed star from the galaxy.  I like this as a simple pendant.

And here's a large one.  See, I just added a jump ring and cord, and voila!  It's done. 

Florence and I will also be teaching a class together that she designed, called the Color Medallion B130596- Sun. June 2 • 9:00am-5:30pm.  Florence made this pendant.  Isn't it pretty?   I haven't seen this particular pendant yet, but I saw one in another color scheme, and WOW, it is dazzling in person. 

Here's another post I wrote about our Bead & Button classes if you want to see more.  Oh yes, there's more!  There's always more...  Seriously, I haven't beaded all of the stars yet...


  1. I had such a giggle because just yesterday I stopped into Joanns and guess where I was looking for clasps! Yes in the sewing section!! I really love the bracelet and how it is coming together!!!

  2. Love your work! I think the the hook and eye clasp is perfect for the bracelet. Greetings from Sweden! Lolo

  3. Unos trabajos preciosos....Felicidades.....


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