Friday, December 14, 2012

Starburst Galaxy Kits Bead & Button 2013

I'm working on designing kits for the Starburst Galaxy class that Florence Turnour and I will be teaching at the Bead & Button Show in June 2013.

So far, the pattern is 20 pages and counting. So far, the pattern is 20 pages and counting.  I am pretty sure you can make at least two dozen different stars with the techniques we describe in the pattern, even though  we've only made about a third of that number so far.  I am designing the pattern so that you'll learn to make the whole set, all two dozen, maybe more: large stars, medium, small, and mini stars, with any number of points from 3 to 8 or maybe more.  There's so many different stars, all made with the same techniques, we haven't even tried them all yet.  The written pattern will hold your hand through several different sizes, and then show you lots of photos with some text and charts so you can work several more, and fiddle your way through the rest of the set without too much trouble.
Certainly, the kits won't make every possible star, so I'm designing smaller kits in coordinated colors so students can purchase more than one kit if they want to make something big.  Or they can purchase one kit in different colors that just make a single pendant or a pair of earrings. Here is my first color scheme: white opalite crystal and silver.  All of the faceted beads and gems in there are Swarovski crystal. Get these under the right lights, and there are rainbows everywhere!  It's a pity it's so hard to capture that in a photo. 

Here is a sample earring.  I poled a bunch of friends on Facebook and we decided that the kits will NOT include the red heart drops.  Apparently, sometimes "more" is actually "too much." But I like the photo because it shows how you can easily link the stars together with jump rings.
Here's info on the class in case you're thinking of signing up.
Starburst Galaxy 130411- Tue. June 4 - 9:00am-5:30pm

Florence and I will also be teaching a class together that she designed, called the Color Medallion B130596- Sun. June 2 • 9:00am-5:30pm.  I've been bugging her for months to write the pattern so I can make one for myself.  This pendant is big, dazzling and super groovy in real life.  Florence, hurry up! I want one!!!

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