Sunday, December 9, 2012

Put beads on that felt

Every time I make felt, people say, "Put beads on it." So here, I put beads on it.
The beads are not sewn on the felt; they're sewn around it. Because they're beaded beads, they move up and down the felt. 
Here you can see the same pink bracelet with an earlier purple one.  I took this photo before I added beads.  I kept the purple one for myself because it's not good enough to sell.  It's too flimsy, in my opinion, because I didn't use enough wool.  
What's interesting about the design of the purple piece is that when I rewet it, I was able to reform it into a very different shape.  Below,  you can see the same purple bracelet on the top of this stack of bracelets. It was originally round.  That honey comb shape of the lace, it's that shape that allows me to deform the felt from spherical (positive curvature) to cylindrical (zero curvature).
If you rewet the pink bracelet, you can reform it so that the bars twist around your arm.  Neat-o.  Felt is really magical stuff.  Everyone I've taught to make natural wool felt seems to fall in love with the stuff.  Click the photos to see more.

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