Friday, October 11, 2013

Pattern Faux Fur Hat with Ears Horns for Babies Children Adults

This PDF tutorial and pattern combo shows how to sew a faux fur hat with ears and horns and bobbles that tie under the chin. The pattern has “actual size” pieces for you to print on your home printer in 5 different sizes: baby, child, adult small, adult medium, adult large. Just print and cut. This pattern is suitable for intermediate sewers. Basic knowledge of sewing is required, but if you've never worked with faux fur before, this is the perfect place to start.
Wild Thing Faux Fur Hat
Learn to sew a Wild Thing hat to help your little (or big) monster stay warm this Winter. There’s nothing like a faux fur hat with big ears and horns to really bring out your inner beast. The ear flaps end with fuzzy bobbles that easily tie under the chin. Little and big hands alike find the stuffed bobbles tactile to squeeze and fun to play with. The ties keep the hat from flying off while biking or walking in the wind.
Wild Thing Hat Pattern
If you know me, you know how much I love fake fur.  It's so soft and since I'm always cold, it keeps me warm.  Over the last few years, I've made over a dozen faux fur coats, and with the scraps, I make hats.  All my friends have faux fur hats.  I have made over two dozen animal hats, using lots of different faux furs, and this Wild Thing Hat design and tutorial is the result of a lot of experiments in technique and shaping.
Fake Fur Hat with Ears and Horns
This Wild Thing hat pattern is easy to modify into any number of animal costumes including cat, dog, Satyr, bear, wolf, and many others, like this one with three horns and no ears.
My boyfriend engineered the pattern pieces so that the Wild Thing Hat pattern pieces print ACTUAL SIZE off your home printer in five sizes from babies to adults.  My 14-page tutorial full of illustrations and photos will lead you step by step through the entire process of making your very own faux fur hats. 
Wild Thing Hat Pattern
My friends and I love wearing faux fur hats when we go camping and at costume parties. I’ve noticed that people smile at me a lot more when I wear a Wild Thing hat.
Informal studies suggest that if you wear a Wild Thing hat while you are running errands, you will get better service. If you use quality fabrics, these hats are very comfortable, super soft, and of course, very warm. I even sleep in mine on cold winter nights.

Here you can see a three-year old wearing the child sized hat (With the pattern, you can make one size smaller for babies, or up to three sizes larger for adults).  Isn't she cute?  She really couldn't stop playing with the little bobbles that were tied under her chin.  So soft and squishy!
The Wild Thing Hat pattern gives pattern pieces and complete instructions for sewing the hat, including a discussion of the various types of fabrics you can use for each of the parts.

You will need the following materials to make a hat.

Faux fur: (½ yard by 1 yard): Medium or high pile.
Lining: (½ yard by 1 yard): Best choice is silk charmeuse, but polyester satin, cotton sateen or even flannel will work.
Strap/Ears: (Scraps of fabric or purchase ¼ yard): polyester cuddle fabric, stretch velvet, jersey, polar fleece, or Minky.
Horns (Scraps of fabric or purchase 1/8 yard): including stretch velvet, gold lame´, linen, and cotton. Pick something relatively thin.
Sewing Thread: polyester or poly/cotton blend.

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  1. Lots of happy faces. They are cuties.

    1. They are super cute kids. Photographing them was definitely a fun part in making this pattern.


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