Friday, October 18, 2013

Deltahedron Doughnut with CSRAW

Last year, I wrote a few posts on cubic super right angle weave.  Recently, I revisited this stitch to see what else I could do with it.  Here are 8 little connected cubes in the arrangement of a diamond-shaped doughnut.
It's made with size 11° seed beads in just two colors.
Here you can see a spinning one I got from Wikipedia.  This gif was my inspiration.  Nifty huh?
The shape is called a deltahedron, because all of the faces are triangles, and the capital Greek letter delta is a triangle. On my beaded version, each triangle corresponds to a loop with 6 beads (3 of each color).
 Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi,Gwen Fisher:-)
    You have thought up something unique again:-the 'kicked' square:-))
    I love it.Fine form,nice texture,one more useful invention for the bracelet,or the pendant.You're so inventive-Don't You think,that the beading reminds the '01' method a bit?

  2. Love this, Gwen! Your work always amazes me.

  3. Love your designs and this is really interesting....


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