Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lotus Drop Necklace Kits

Last month, I introduced the Lotus Drop Earrings.  Now I've got a Lotus Drop Necklace to show you.  This one is a kit.
The necklace is 20 inches long (51 cm), longer than what I typically wear, but it seems right for the shape of the dangles.  Of course, you can make it shorter if you want by leaving out some of the components.
Then, with the leftovers you could make matching earrings.  Anyway, I kind of really like this next photo.
As I was making this necklace, I was excited when I realized that I could source the beads to make a limited number of kits, all except the blue briolette drops.  So the kits include everything but the briolette drops and the wire I used to wrap them.  I left out the drops because it is terribly difficult and expensive to acquire natural faceted briolette beads in bulk.  Plus, I didn't think the ones I used are particularly the "right" choice, and you might enjoy, just as well, finding your own drops to make your necklace personalized for you. That way, every assembled kit will be a little different.
Here is what this necklace looks like as a drawing.
I used the drawing to help me make the necklace.  With Doceri software on my iPad, it's a lot easier to make copies than it is with real beads.  Doceri lets me design complex bead work quickly and easily, especially for a design like this, where a few motifs are repeated over and over, and there are lots of different ways to combine them.  The necklace I made wasn't the first necklace I designed on my iPad.  Here are a few others.
Here are some small ones.
I have patterns and kits available if you would like to make your own Lotus Drop Necklace.   Thanks for looking.


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