Monday, March 7, 2011

New Beaded Beads and More

I've listed a lot of new pieces in my Etsy shop.

Time Machine beaded bead
Ionic Cuboctahedron beaded bead
Ionic Cube beaded bead
Sea Star beaded bead does a balancing act
Hour Glassy beaded bead
I've also been making some clothing...
Cotton jersey shirt with ruffled collar

Purple corduroy skirt with ruffled hem

... and two new pairs of felt cuffs...
Felt cuffs in red and black
Felt cuffs in blue, green and purple, with a thick black outline
That was a lot more pieces than I remember listing.  I guess I need to update my blog more often.


  1. Mmm yummy... I really like the Time Machine - it looks so glacier-y.

  2. Thank you Cindy. I agree, it looks like melting ice.

  3. Hi,
    ohhh wow, all is so beautiful, great works.

  4. Why, thank you Karin. I'm glad you like them.


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