Sunday, January 22, 2012

Night Sky Bracelet Kits

I finally got some Night Sky kits available that I showed in my recent post on bead art at the Joint Math Meetings.  This kit has been a long time coming since I first published this pattern in 2007. The kit includes all of the materials you need to weave the bracelet, including a piece of ribbon to lace it up. 

The kits make a patch of beaded lace as least as large as this bracelet, but you can also use the beads to make a narrower bracelet and have leftovers for a pendant or two, like the Southern Cross and the Greek Cross Pendants shown below.

One of my friends suggested that Night Sky looks like some coloring books she has, and she shared a link to Altair Design.  If you don't want to bead right now, you could look at the pretty coloring book pages instead.  Fun stuff.


  1. Gwen,
    That is a very pretty beaded cuff. I will keep this one in mind.

  2. This is a gorgeous cuff design! Beaded lace...only you can create such a wonderful technique! The lacing is so o getting too.

  3. Thank you so much Therese and Erin. I really enjoy designing beaded laces. This is one of my particular favorites.

  4. Wow! I looooove these! The ribbon is a great idea, very lolita.


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