Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beaded Ethane Molecule with CSRAW

Yes, so I beaded ethane.   Okay, I beaded a model of an ethane molecule using cubic super right angle weave, attached via the corners of each cube. Ethane was first synthetically created in 1834 by Michael Faraday. This beaded molecule was created by me last week.
A single molecule of ethane has 8 molecules: 2 of carbon, and 6 of hydrogen.
I think my beaded model is something in between the "ball and stick" model above and the "space filling" model below, but a bit more ball and stick, since I added a round of RAW between the molecules to attach them together.
It has a nice symmetry.  The bead work is stiff yet flexible, and shows a variety of moods when posed. It has many holes as big as 2mm to string it.
Sometimes, it looks like a dog.
I think in this photo he's peeing or dancing or something.
At standard temperature and pressure, ethane is a colorless gas. The bead work is green, gray, black, silver and gold. Ethane is odorless, and so is this bead work.  Just in case you wanted to know how big my ethane molecule is, you can see that here.  This educational model is for sale. Click the photos to go to the listing. Thanks for looking.

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