Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rivoli Urchin Pendant

The Rivoli Urchin Pendant reminds me of a jewel encrusted sea creature. I got a little carried away on the colors for this one.  The purple and black stripes remind me of the socks for a Halloween witch's costume.  The color combination is feminine without being dainty.  It includes purple, orange, pink, and bronze, including a rose pink rivoli crystal in the center. It contains over 500 glass beads, each one woven precisely into place.

This pendant is 1 1/2 inches (39 mm) wide and 5/8 inches (15 mm) thick. Its size makes it suitable for a focal bead on a necklace. A web of beads on the back allows you to add a cord or a medium sized chain and wear it as a pendant.

This pendant is for sale.  Click the photos to go to the listing.  To learn more about how to make your own Rivoli Urchin Necklaces, visit


  1. That is pretty. I had been wondering throughout the post what you were going to do with it and then you answered my question.

    1. How convenient. Yes, it's a pendant. At least, I assume that's what you were wondering.


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