Monday, November 12, 2012

Ionic Pentacluster in Beads for the Math Nerd in You

This beaded bead is the pentacluster (5-dipyramid) versions of the Ionic Polyhedra.  Its shape reminds me of a space ship. 
I named the series "Ionic" because the columns of seed beads topped with drops remind me of the Ionic columns of the ancient Greeks, like this. 
The largest beads are super sparkly cubic zirconia (CZ) with tons of tiny facets.  Their colors of the CZs range through pale yellows and golden shades.  The CZs make this beaded bead heavier than comparable pieces of the same size.  The other colors include mostly silver and gold with a touch of gray and black.
This beaded contains about 400 top quality glass and metal seed beads that I wove together with a needle and thread.  Although this bead is hollow, it is remarkably stiff.  This piece is a real jewel.  
This piece is for sale.  Click on the photos to go to the listing.  If you are a bead weaver, I have a pattern for sale for a version of this and other Ionic Polyhedra beaded beads, so that you can learn how to make your own.

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