Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Crochet an Irish Lace Trim of Scallops

I made another Doceri video on crochet.  This one shows how to make a basic scallop trim; it's my own version of Irish lace crochet.  Here's a simple bracelet that I really like because it's light and stretchy, so I don't really notice I'm wearing it.
Here is the Doceri animation. What I like about this video is that the animated crochet chart is linked to the text through color coding.  In other words, the part of the chart being explained by a particular line of text and the text itself are both the same color. 
What I like in particular about making this trim is that you work the short way, making one scallop at a time.  I have two books full of trims that you crochet the long way, which forces you to know how long of a piece you want to make before you start, and if you never complete the last row, the whole piece is unfinished. I much prefer crocheting the short way, and being able to stop whenever I decide, get bored, or run out of thread.

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