Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sakura Charms with Leaves

I played some more with Sakura Charms by Cindy Holsclaw.  I traded the lentil beads for green glass leaves.  Here's was my first attempt.

It's almost identical to Cindy's design, but I used larger beads everywhere and used 4 repeats instead of 5.  The photo doesn't show how purple the center beads are, and when you hang it, the flower tilts forward from all of the extra weight.  So it wouldn't hang properly as an earring anymore.  Even still, it's cute and fits well, and could be used in other ways, like a row of them for a bracelet.  Imagine them woven together like this Almond Drop bracelet. 

I don't love making bracelets, so I went back to the flower design and decided to rotate the flower to make it into a beaded bead, because well, I'm obsessed with beaded beads.  For me, every beading technique must be turned into a beaded bead eventually.   In this case, I added more beads to the back to make a calyx for my flower.  Here are two variations.  The leaves don't always sit symmetrically, especially if the back is too tight.  It's too tight on the left. 
 Here you can see my three flowers in a row.  The left one has Cindy's design on the back and you can see it lays flat.
I wired my third flower into a bobble with a jump ring to hang it.

This bobble is for sale in my Etsy shop.


  1. Very cool!! I LOVE that design worked up with the leaves!! It takes it to a whole different look. Fabulous!!

  2. Very nice. I love floral designs and beaded beads are always a winner.

  3. Thank you ladies. I agree, anything with leave, flowers and beaded beads can't be all bad. Of course, I had a nice design to start with thanks to Cindy.

  4. I love leaves, especially the pressed glass leaves. This bead looks awesome!

  5. Thanks Many. I love pressed glass leave too, but I find them challenging to use. I've had these hiding in my bead box for years.

  6. Always creative and beatuiful...
    Happy Day,
    Eva Maria


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