Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sakura Charms with Bicone Pendants

I started playing with Cindy Holsclaw's design Sakura Charms.  Left with no more lentils, I dove back into my bead box to find something lenil-ish, and I found 6mm Swarovski pendant bicone beads, which are bicones that are top drilled instead of the usual center drilled. With some effort, I found that 7 repeats fits nicely.
To makes these charms, follow Cindy's pattern with the following changes:
* Use 6mm bicone pendants instead of lentils.
* Use size 8/0 seed beads for the P beads.
* Use 11/0 for A and D beads.
* Make 7 repeats instead of 5.

These Blingy Burst Earrings are for sale in my Etsy shop.

Here you can see what my experiments looked like before I settled on the counts above.  I tried 5 repeats first, and it didn't fit so well.  Then, 6 repeats was better, but I prefer it with 7. 


  1. these are lovely, what a wonderful idea

  2. Those are awesome. Thanks for the details on how to make them too; I'll have to try one when I get my beads unpacked.

  3. Thanks Cindy. I knew if I kept trying, I could find the sizes and counts to get them to fit properly. I don't know that they are as pretty as your original design, but they sure are sparkly.

  4. Oooo Gwen! So pretty!! Love the bling look! Thank you for sharing your experiments!

  5. You're very welcome Chelsea. Thanks for looking!


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