Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Felt Cuffs XII and XIII

Textile Cuff Bracelet XIII - Twilight in Gray Purple Nuno Felt with Silk 

 I finished a few new cuffs yesterday and listed them in my Etsy shop. The one above started as a pair, in purple and white wool (and other fibers) felted over hot pink silk fabric. When I wet felted them, the hot pink ran and dyed the white a very faint pink.  I really didn't like the colors, so I cut one up as an experiment.  This week, I got some black acid dye, so I was able to overdye the remaining one to make the pink into a nice middle gray.  Then I beaded it using freeform bead embroidery, following the lines in the felt.  I added snaps and a tag and called it done.

Textile Cuff Bracelets XII - Running Water in Lime Green Blue Aqua Nuno Felt with Silk 

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  1. These textile cuffs are most beautiful and stylish!

  2. Thank you Eva. I kept the first pair I made (in all lime green with a bit of embroidery). They kept my wrists warm all last winter, and they still look almost new.


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