Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Kits - Kepler's Star and More

We have some new kits available at beAd Infinitum.

Kepler's Star Bracelet
The silvery seed beads in this bracelet are some of my all-time favorite beads.  There are also some purple beads in here that glow like dichroic glass.  You can make this bracelet in a length that fits you.
Ionic Polyhedra
The kit makes two beaded beads in these two color schemes.  You can make two cubes, two octahedrons, or one of each, like I did.
Blue Velvet Rosebuds
This is an older kit that we finally restocked.  I like the contrast of the rich matte blues with the shiny gold.  The kit makes 3 beaded beads and matches our Blue Velvet Four of Spades kits.  So, if you buy both kits, you can make a two-tiered pendant and matching earrings.

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