Monday, October 4, 2010

Earrings and Beaded Beads

I started weaving beads in 2004, and in that time I have made more jewelry and beaded beads than I remember.  I have sold and given away most of it, I think, but I have also been hoarding some pieces, not to wear, but just because I like looking at them in my bead box.  I am trying to get some of them listed in my Etsy shop and set them free.  Sometimes it's hard to let your art go, but I'm working on it.  Here are three new listings in my my Etsy shop.

Three Drop Earrings
I made this pair of Three Drop Earrings in 2006.  I wore them once, but I didn't like the earwires I used.  Today I exchanged the old ear wires to a pair I made more recently, and now they are finally done.
Mini Infinity Dodecahedra
I happened upon the Infinity Dodecahedron weave in 2005 as a result of studying the bead work of Laura Shea.  We met in 2004 at a Bridges conference in Banff, Canada. Laura was kind enough to allow me to take some photos of her beaded beads, and in her work, I recognized the potential of applying the mathematics of polyhedra to the art of bead weaving.  The Infinity Dodecahedron was a consequence of my seeing Laura's work.  I made these beaded beads in 2008.
Mini Ionic Cube Earrings
These earrings are new as of last night.  These feature miniature Ionic Cubes in colors for fall.  I love the these color together, leaf and earth, the colors of the forest.  Nature makes good color schemes.

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