Thursday, January 30, 2014

TUTORIAL- Celtic Knots Part 2: Rings Rosettes and Beaded Beads

Since 2004, I've enjoyed making all kinds of beaded beads, but I have to say, these knotted ones are a little different from all the rest.
Each beaded bead knot is made from one long strip of seed beads, woven together into a circular knot.  They're a little bit soft and squishy while at the same time holding their shape.  I usually prefer my beaded beads to be rigid, but with these beaded beads, I like them flexible. 
I also like that the holes are large, so you can string these beaded beads on cord, matched with lampwork beads.  I can't tell you how long it took me to assemble this mere two inches of beads, but it was longer than I'd like to admit. In the end, I like this simple little necklace a lot.  Small, subtle, but with lots of interest, texture and detail.
So do you want to learn how to make knotted beaded beads?  Well, you're in luck.  I have a tutorial that will teach you how to braid pieces of beadwork into knotted beaded beads.
These knots are quite flexible, literally and figuratively! You can turn them inside out. They can be worn as finger rings, and since I explain how to make them in a ton of different sizes, you can make one that fits you!
You can also flatten these beaded knots to make rosettes for pendants or earrings.   This pattern is suitable for beginning bead weaver, with enough design possibilities to entertain advanced bead weavers. I provide specific counts for four different knots, and explain the general concept so you can bead the whole set of braided circular knots, any size you want!
Circular Celtic Knot Pattern with Bead Weaving
If you like this design, you'll also enjoy my first tutorial on Celtic knots that shows earrings made from rectangular knots,

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