Friday, May 17, 2013

Starburst Galaxy Fire Necklace

I recently showed you the Starburst Galaxy Kit in the Fire colorway in blazing orange, hot pink and purple Swarovski crystals!  I linked them together into a necklace and added some more Swarovski crystal briolette drop beads to dangle from the links.
Here you can see how it looks on.  It's not symmetrical, but I think it's still well balanced.  I like the stars placed asymmetrically because real stars in the sky are scattered randomly.  So I think that's how they're supposed to look, scattered and random.  Plus, the stars themselves are so symmetric, it's nice to break it up a bit and add some randomness back into the finished piece. 
If you'd like to join us for the class, you can't because it's over.  But we do have patterns and kits now available: Beaded Starburst Galaxy.

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