Thursday, May 23, 2013

Color Medallion No 6 Pink Lemonade

This is the sixth (and below is the seventh) color medallion I finished.
I liked it so nice, I made it twice. The one on top in the photo below is a kit.  I'm calling it Pink Lemonade.  These colors make me smile.
I really wanted to get the colors just right for the kit, and for myself, because I'm definitely keeping one of these for my own.  I think the first one is slightly imperfect because that silver ring is very visible from a distance. (Although one of my friends prefers it, so there you go for taste.)  Also, I knew that if I colored the center differently, I could create an illusion of a larger rivoli.

If you want one, you should come take our class.  Florence and I will teach this class together at the Bead & Button Show 2013.  Any leftover kits we have after the show we'll sell on our website.  Thanks for looking!


  1. I didn't even notice the differences until I read your description. They both look awesome to me!

  2. beautiful necklace, very pretty colors :)


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