Monday, February 11, 2013

Trefoil and Cinqufoil Knots in CRAW and Arm Warmers

Here's the cinquefoil knot, made with cubic right angle weave.  It looks like a five-pointed star, and cinque is the French word for five.

Here's the trefoil knot, made with cubic right angle weave. 
I don't have a pattern for these knots precisely, but they are really the same as what I did to make the Borromean Link. If you buy that pattern, you should be able to figure out how I did both of these knots. If you still want a hint, just send me an email with the date you bought the pattern, and I'll tell you which steps in the Borromean Link pattern to modify to get these knots.

I have this small mountain of wool and cashmere sweaters that I have collected or have been gifted to me. I machine washed and dried them to make them felt, and now I cut them up and resew them into stuff. Here are some arm warmers.  The black is super soft cashmere, and the rest is fine merino wool, plus I edged the bottom in a little faux fur around the hand.  The fit is really nice as they bell just slightly over the hand.  If you want to wear them shorter, you can cuff the top and they still look nice.
I also made these little fingerless gloves. I think I resewed the hand opening about 4 times to get the shaping right, each time cutting off more and more to make them more formed fit and comfy. If you have cold hands, like orange and soft things, these might be just the thing for you. Again, the black is cashmere, and the rest is fine merino wool.  So soft and cozy.
 All of these pieces are available in my Etsy shop.  Click the photos to go to the listings.  Thanks for looking.


  1. That is fabulous. I have been eyeing the link pattern and I love this variation.

  2. Thanks Tanya. I've been wanting to sew these variations for months, and I finally got to it. I almost included them in the pattern, but I knew that would just delay me getting it done. So, here they are instead.

  3. They are really cool! I'm trying to knit a pair of fingerless gloves as we speak. I'm afraid winter will be over here in NH by the time I get them done ;(
    Very talented!!

    1. I think that sewing sweaters is more efficient than knitting. I try not to make fabric because machines are really good at making fabric. I try to focus just on the assembly part. Good luck with your gloves!


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