Monday, February 18, 2013

Suzanne Golden's Bangles, Links and Beaded Beads

After Suzanne Golden purchased my pattern for the Borromean link, she sent Florence and me a nice email.  She included some of her own variations of polygonal links and cubic right angle weave (CRAW).  Here are some bangle bracelets she made with CRAW.  I love her signature use of bright bold colors.  This variation of CRAW with two layers separated by larger beads could make a beautiful Borromean Link.
She also showed other polygons with novel corners. This pink link uses a beaded dodecahedron on each corner, and peyote stitch for the sides.  Again, there's no reason this technique couldn't be used for a Borromean link.
 This one seems to have the identical structure as the pink one above, but with a bolder coloring in black and white.  This black and white striping is very indicative of Suzanne's style.
I had to look at the next photo a few times before I noticed that it is composed entirely of beaded dodecahedra.  The short sides are 4 dodecahedra long, and the long sides are 6 dodecahedra high.
If you're new to the bead world, you might be wondering who this Suzanne Golden is.  Well, here's a photo of her, posing as her fabulous self.  Red hair, gold shoes, and glasses, just my kind of gal.
But you might remember Suzanne from her beaded beads.  Each one of these is an embellished beaded dodecahedron.
She writes, "These are some of the beaded beads I made using Laura Shea's basic 30 bead polyhedron." After Suzanne learned to bead a dodecahedron, she started embellishing them like crazy.  "As soon as I see an opening, I have to decorate!!! I think you can tell from my beads, I ain't never growin' up!!!" 

I love, love, love her use of bright bold colors. I think mixing colors with beads is one of the hardest parts about beading, and Suzanne's work is so consistently good in that respect.  These beaded beads are all plastic.

If you're still not sure who Suzanne Golden is, then go visit New York City. You're sure to see her around town.  Thanks Suzanne.


  1. Suzanne is awesome! I love her beadwork, her personality, her spunk, her style, her sense of humor. This is a great writeup about her.

  2. Nice post, and nice to see some more of Suzanne's work. Thanks.

  3. I am so flattered by this article!!! Thank you Gwen....It really is an honor for me. I've always been in awe of all the beaded beads you have created. All that I do is to take everyone's instructions and give it my spin. I love what you have written and am going to share to all my friends!!!


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