Friday, September 28, 2012

Beaded Beads, Boro and an Infinity Donut

Sometimes, I just like beaded beads strung simply on cord. In fact, that's what I usually wear.
For this necklace, I made 4 beaded beads, including the Octahedral Cluster in the center and the three smaller Diamond Net beaded beads (they're mini versions). Then, I added 7 borosilicate glass beads torched by 6 different artists. Together they make a pallet of leafy green, gold, brown, amber and blue. I think this is a really unusual and pretty strand of beads, eclectic yet harmonious.  It's for sale.  Click the photos to go to the listing.
This next piece is already sold, but I know you like eye candy, especially when that candy is a donut.  Doughnuts always make me happy, be they doughnuts or donuts, and beaded donuts have the fewest calories. This piece is one of my latest. I was going for muted steamy colors, just right for fall. Who am I kidding? I make stuff in these colors all year round. It's just that now, it's seasonally appropriate. A broken clock is still right twice a day. This is like that.
I'm also kind of excited about my little burnished metal stand in this photo.  It's the top of a mixed drink shaker, and it's just big enough for a beaded bead.  I think you might be seeing more photos like this in the future.


  1. OK, you may just offered me my absolutely favorite, from you yet! (so says me this minute :D )

  2. I love the necklace... Those boro lampwork beads and shiny beaded beads look delicious!

  3. My favorite prop for setting jewelry on before photographing is a non-stick pizza pan. A bit reflective so I get good light, not so reflective that I have to worry about my reflection, and just neutral enough in color to work.

    The necklace is great it reminds me of one of my favorite necklaces made from old African Trade Beads.

    As to your colors, I seem to recall that you are rather fond of bright greens. These colors are great.

  4. 'love the necklace, great colors and I love all the dimension and texture when used with various beads.
    The donut is wonderful, 'love that!!!

  5. Me parece precioso todo un besazo

  6. Your drink mixer cap is a great bead stand, love how the photo turned out! What a gorgeous color mix on the strung piece...everything is delicious!


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