Friday, May 13, 2016

Coxeter Bead in Pink and Silver

This Coxeter Bead is a beaded bead, woven from pink and silver glass seed beads. This ornate cluster is composed of over 400 beads, each one precisely woven into place. This beaded bead is very round and hollow and has a bit of a satisfying squish to it without being droopy. The shape is like a Buckyball virus.
Coxeter Beads are named after the great mathematician Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter in honor of his extensive work on symmetry, especially four dimensional polytopes, on which this piece is based. It is woven like cubic right angle weave but with tetrahedrons and prisms instead of cubes. It has a fascinating internal structure that you can see when you look at it closely.
Beaded bead is 26 mm (1 inch) in diameter, suitable for a focal bead on a necklace. The largest hole is 2.5 mm wide, wide enough to accommodate a thin cord or chain.
If you would like to learn how to make your own Coxeter Beads, I have a tutorial for a couple variations. Thanks for looking.


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