Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Tutorial Tila Icosahedron Beaded Beads in Three Sizes

I finished a new beading tutorial that will show you how to weave beautifully spherical beaded beads with just two-holed beads and seed beads. That's it.  Use half Tila beads to make a 16 mm beaded bead (perfect for earrings!), Tila beads for 22 mm beaded beads, and both types for 30 mm beaded beads. These beaded beads are remarkably hollow with large holes let you see inside and through them.

Tila Icosahedron Beaded Bead
This tutorial is suitable for intermediate bead weavers who are comfortable with right angle weave. This beaded bead is a relatively quick project that will push your spatial reasoning thinking to new places. Presented is an easy and intuitive method for beading the beaded beads in all 3 sizes. The beads you need are just Tilas and two sizes of Japanese seed beads.

Tila Icosahedron Beaded Bead
The tutorial is 16 pages, including 90 illustrations and photographs. The tutorial is a PDF file that gives photos, illustrations and detailed written instructions to make the beaded beads in three sizes. Lots of tips are included. Several pages show detailed photos of all three sizes of the beaded beads in different colors and from different angles. One page gives information on icosahedrons and how they relate to this design. Two pages show beaded bead necklaces that include Tila Icosahedron Beaded Beads. Thanks for looking!

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