Monday, September 28, 2015

New Tutorial - Coral Cube Beaded Bead

Here's my newest beading tutorial.  This one shows you how to weave elaborate beaded beads with seed beads and round beads. 
Coral Cube Beaded Bead
The design is based upon the structure of a cube and, as such, has 6 large (6 mm) holes running through its center. Yes, those are huge holes for a beaded bead, and they go through every face.  I think they look like clusters of coral, hence the name, Coral Cube.

The beaded beads are hollow and stiff, and come in three versions.

beaded bead
This tutorial is suitable for intermediate to advance bead weavers who know how to do tubular (circular) peyote stitch and increases. I don't think the easiest one is too terribly difficult, but they do take a few hours to make.  Peyote stitch... that's a lot of stitches, but the materials aren't fancy, just regular seed beads and round beads. No fancy shapes required, so you can work from your stash.  Thanks for looking.

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