Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Tutorial - Nuts and Washers: 4 Easy Beaded Beads with Peyote Stitch
Here are some photos from my newest tutorialBeaded Nuts and Washers are flat beaded beads with large holes.
Although they can be worn alone, I designed them to be companion beads to go with large round beaded beads. My favorite look is when you add handmade lampwork glass beads, and string them simply on a piece of silk cord, like this:
Four gallery pages show five sets of nuts and washers in different color schemes matched with other beads to show you how a few nuts and washers can turn a single beaded bead into a beautiful eclectic necklace.
Beading nuts and washers is fast and easy. You only need a few pinches of each bead color, making this a good choice to use up your leftover seed beads from other projects.
Gather together all of your 8°, 11°, and 15° in a few related colors, and start beading!
This pattern is suitable for beginning bead weavers and includes a few tips to get you started.
The tutorial is 15 pages, including over 80 illustrations and photographs. The tutorial is an instant download PDF file that gives charts and explanations for reading the charts to make Nuts and Washer beaded beads in four sizes including mini beaded beads. Materials lists are included. Here you can see the whole tutorial.
 Thanks for looking!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! After your great presentation yobour Bead Society (BSNC), I am sure that many of us will download this PDF. Thank you. marilyn


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