Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Genie Bottle Update 1

We are still working on plans for the Genie Bottle, our Burning Man 2014 Honorarium Art Project that I will be building with two dozen friends.
In the latest design, we got rid of the hanging ladder in favor of some kind of stairs, but their design is still in progress. 
How many genies fit in a Genie Bottle?
18 sitting
10 standing
6 in the crow's nest
2 in the neck
Total: 36  That's a lot of genies!

This is the frame, the essence of the structure that will keep it standing.  The upright poles are 4" by 4" wooden beams.
This is a view from the middle level where you can sit, looking down. See the pole there that you can slide down to get to the bottom.
Thanks for looking.
Here you can see photos of the finished Genie Bottle at Burning Man.


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