Wednesday, March 5, 2014

TUTORIAL Lozenge Bracelet Beaded Angle Weave with Button Loop Closure

My newest tutorial explains how to weave the Lozenge Bracelet with two sizes of seed beads and thread. The Lozenge weave creates a thin fabric of seed beads that is flexible and comfortable. You can make this weave in lots of different shapes because the pattern repeats like wallpaper.
Lozenge Bracelet
Lozenge Bracelet with Beaded Button Loop Clasp
This tutorial also includes step-by-step instructions for weaving the button loops. This clasp is quite easy to do and undo, and it stays buttoned when you want it to.  I wore the bracelet out to lunch, and I didn't have a single loop come undone. Plus, if one were to come undone, there's two more to catch it. The reason they work is a combination of the flatness of the loops and the shanks on the buttons.
Lozenge Bracelet
This lozenge pattern is an unusual and complex angle weave, making it suitable for intermediate bead weavers who are already very comfortable with right angle weave. If you like RAW and want a new challenge, you’ll love this.  If you want even more of a challenge, you can scale this weave down to use your itty bitty size 15 seed beads, like I did for this Lozenge Weave Chain Necklace.
Lozenge Pendant Necklace with Chain
This tutorial is 21 pages, including about 100 illustrations and photographs. The tutorial is a PDF file that gives step-by-step instructions for the bracelet in the photos. The last 6 pages include photos and illustrations of a bunch of variations.  Here you can see all 21 pages.  If you purchase the tutorial, you get the exact same 21 pages, but in an instant download, LARGE, easy-to-read PDF file.  Isn't life great?
Lozenge Bracelet Tutorial
Lozenge Bracelet Tutorial
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