Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Pattern: Beaded Wisdom Mandala

Here's my latest pattern, the beaded Wisodom Mandala, named after the five Wisdoms.
The Beaded Wisdom Mandala is a symmetric beaded pendant that is reversible. It is woven with two layers of seed beads throughout most of the piece except for an abundance of crystals that show through the windows of seed beads. The layering creates a pendant that looks different on each side. It has five-fold symmetry on one side, and nearly ten-fold symmetry on the other.
 The mandala hangs from a beaded tube with jump rings to make an easily wearable pendant. The 22 page pattern shows a variety of pendants in different colors, a few of which I show here.
Beaded Wisdom Mandala
In the pattern, I explain how to make the pendant and the hanging tube in three different sizes so you can make a complete necklace, like this Earthy Mandala Necklace. The mandala is woven with a combination of double outline stitch, loops, square stitch, and peyote stitch.  Here you can see one of my early Wisdom Mandalas, before I figured out how to link the mandala to the hanging tube with jump rings.
The hanging tube is woven with super right angle weave (SRAW) with embellishment.
I really love that the front and back are so different.  Measuring just 1 3/4 inches across, and the complete pendant is just 2 1/2 inches tall, they are pretty detailed for their small size. If you like playing with color (and size 15° and 11° seed beads), you'll love making these.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful design, as always!
    I love one with pink star in the center)

  2. Hi,Gwen:
    The 'Wisdom Mandala' is great.Very precisely made,nice shape and colors.Also the special,delicate look.
    Best Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

  3. Yes for sure I will be buying this pattern!!!! Thank you Gwen!

  4. Yes! For sure I am going to be purchasing this pattern!! Thank you Gwen for creating it!!!

  5. Most awesome. Love the double-sidedness, the 5- and 10-fold symmetry, and the oodles of seed beads!


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