Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chiral Octahedral Symmetry Beaded Bead

I've been hoarding this beaded bead pendant for a while because it is featured in Figure 25 in my 2007 paper, "Three-dimensional finite point groups and the symmetry of beaded beads. (pdf)" It's the only one quite like it. I made it by weaving seed beads and crystals together with a needle and thread, and it has some large stone bead in the core, probably agate.

It's a rather unusual beaded bead because it has no reflection symmetry. Notice how there are pinwheel designs that cover the surface. You don't usually see pinwheel designs of beaded beads. Unusual as it is, this is the perfect gift for the mathematician in your life. You tell her that I said that it's a beaded pendant that exhibits chiral octahedral symmetry. The symmetry group O is the subgroup of rotation symmetries of the full symmetry group of the cube (or octahedron). This and other chiral groups have no reflection symmetry.
It's the only one quite like it. Some art is more unique than other art. This is VERY unique, uniquer than most ;) Plus it's lime and purple, so what's not to love?

I also listed this pair of Picnic Earrings.  The earrings and pendant were never intended to be a set, but I really like the way the colors work together, coordinated but not too matchy matchy.
The photos will take you to the listings.  Thanks for looking.

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