Monday, June 25, 2012

Bead & Button Show 2012

We made it to the Bead & Button Show this year, and I thought I'd share some photos with you.  Here are Florence Turnour and me a "Meet the Teachers" right before it started at our sales table.  This was our first show, so you can see how excited we were.
And here we are with Cindy Holsclaw who was at the table right next to us.
Florence and I successfully taught two classes, and we have leftover kits available for sale on our website.  This is one of the kits for the Rivoli Urchin Necklace.
This is one of the kits for the Infinity Ubercube & Other Beaded Cubes.  Check out the links to see all of the kit colors we have available.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Have you seen the documentary "Between the Folds" about how origami makes math tangible? Your beads are like that for me and I feel less guilty for liking beading after reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your thought processes and putting them into form. :o)

    1. My mom bought me the CD. So, yes, I have seen it, and yes, I loved every minute of it. Thank you Elle for your kind comments about my work. I'm thrilled that You are enjoying the math in my art!


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