Sunday, December 11, 2011

Furry Hats with Ears and Horns

Making fuzzy hats with ears and horns makes me happy because people always seem to smile when they're wearing them.  People also seem to smile at me when I'm wearing mine.  We call ourselves Horny Hatters.

I'm offering two new hats for sale so you can be a Horny Hatter too.  I decided to start numbering them so I can keep track of how many I make.

Pink and Purple Horny Hat #13
I got a bundle of faux fur remnants from the fabric store, and this super thick fur was in the set.  I matched it with purple horns in cotton and a pretty purpley pink silk lining from my overflowing stash of silks. 
You know I love pure silk, right?  Well this one is particularly stunning, the way it shimmers in the light.

Blue Horny Hat #14
After making a pink one, I wanted to make one in boy colors.  Here you can see the blue one with the matching coat I made my sweetie. 
This blue one has especially big ears. I used a button clasp instead of pom-pom ties, just for a change.


  1. Those are cute! I love fun hats - the furrier, the better. The whole "horny" thing reminds me of the year in college when I couldn't think of a Halloween I wore a friends felt Viking ski hat instead...and I can't tell you how many drunken college guys figured that my Halloween costume was just that - "horny." :) it made for a lot of interesting conversations...

  2. I bet it was a particularly fun Halloween. I wear my horny hat all year 'round, and it makes for good conversations in April just as well as in October. Thanks for the note Katie!


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