Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flashy Blue Labradorite Sunflower

I made this pendant by capturing a large labradorite coin bead with the fringe method for beading around a core bead.  In particular, I used variation of the Rivoli Sunflower design for the pendant.  I adore the blue glass beads in this piece and the way the inclusions shimmer in the light.  I think the shimmer works well with the blue flash of the labradorite stone.
For the necklace part, I used a variation herringbone weave that I described in my Toggle Clasp & Cable pattern.

For more information and to purchase this necklace, click the photos.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Thank you EWA. I'm quite sure I couldn't remake this one if I tried.

  2. This has been at the top of my RSS feed since you posted it and every time I open up the feed I think how pretty this is.

    I love labradorite. The piece is well balanced- the embellishments are perfect.

    I always struggle with the necklace (that part that is not the focal/pendant) mostly because I want something substantial but if I put in the time to make a rope it will cost too much.


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