Friday, September 17, 2010

Cindy's New Ballon Box Pattern

Several months ago, Florence Turnour and I decided to invite, Cindy Holsclaw (also known as beadorigami) to feature some of her beaded bead patterns on our website, beAd Infinitum.  We found her beaded bead designs to be innovative, beautiful, and well designed, so we were obviously thrilled when she decided to join us.  Today, we are releasing her newest pattern, the Balloon Box.

I made a Ballon Box while I was reviewing her pattern, and I must say, they are very satisfying to weave.  They are wonderfully tactile since they are a wee bit of squishy, yet they always spring back into place. I'm completely fascinated at how the Balloon Box looks with pearls and metallic seed beads.  Cindy, you found a beautiful way to update the pearl necklace!


  1. Thanks so much Gwen, I'm also thrilled to be featured alongside yours and Florence's fabulous work :)

    I like how you found the Balloon Box so satisfying to weave! Among all my designs, the Balloon Box ranks very high in my fun-to-bead category. I could weave a half dozen of them in one afternoon without getting tired or bored!


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