Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Tutorial -- Mini Crown Earrings

Mini Crown Earrings: Beaded with right angle weave, these seed bead earrings are small, light, and super cute!
As you can see, these earrings are very small.
Tutorial now available.
Here you can see all 13 pages.
 You can use almost all seed beads, but in this pair I added bicone crystals.
 And in this pair, I used tiny Swarovski pearls surrounding red siam round crystals.

These little crowns are made with Modified Right Angle Weave (MRAW). Each earring has lots of detail and intricacy in a tiny component. It's a design I came up with in 2010, and it has taken me this long to finally complete the pattern. I hope you find it worth the wait. 

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