Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pillow Beaded Bead with Picnic Weave

This pendant is a tiny patch of seed beads that I wove into a symmetric pattern that reminds me of a picnic blanket, and as such, I call it Picnic Weave. The weave is carefully constructed to make two layers like the surface of a pillow. The pattern continues uninterrupted around the edges and corners, and it looks the same on the front and back.
This Picnic Weave fits nice and tight, and although the beadwork is flexible it's not saggy. You can push in the corners, as in the second photo to puff up the pillow and then easily flatten it again. It's quite a fun piece to fiddle with. The colors are speckled pink and green with high quality matte gold.

This is a little pendant and is very light but has a lot of detail for its size. It has a lot of holes and you can string it in several different ways with a thin cord or chain or beading wire.
Picnic Weave is a simplified version of Night Sky Weave.   I discuss Picnic Weave in my Night Sky tutorial with detailed photos in the section on variations and inspirations.  However, this kind of "pillow beading," this is newer than my Night Sky tutorial.  So I don't mention pillows in the tutorial. 
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