Monday, October 22, 2012

Rainbow Twist Beaded Beads No. 11 and 12

I'm still making Rainbow Twist beaded beads because I'm really liking playing with different color combos.  This one is No. 11, and it's one of those color combinations that I like to return to from time to time. This one started as all white, but I also used silver, and I fudged it a little more and added a some lavender. It reminds me of snow crystals. 
Here you can see the symmetry it exhibits from the side and how small it is.
This one reminds me of spring flowers.  I like the way it can be formed into a pinwheel design with 4 petals in two color schemes, 
 or you can reform it into something that looks like some weird sea creature.  These beaded beads are for sale.  Click the photos.  Thanks for looking.


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