Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tower of Felt: Textile Bracelet No. 48 Pink

This tower of felt features five different felt cuffs made of wool, silk, mohair and sparkle fibers.  I made them using a technique I developed that I call felted lace. 
The latest felt bracelet (No. 48) is made with pink and orange wool, mohair, and I also added a bunch of silk in orange, burgundy, and red.  It's maybe a third silk which makes it extra soft and gives the colors a luminous quality that is difficult to capture in a photo.  The colors are rich like fire.
Felt Cuff

The pink one really plays nice with the other felted lace bracelets I've made.  Here you can see it with a purple one. They are big, soft, bold and comfortable.
Felt Cuffs  
I think these three make a nice "pair." Think of it as cozy jewelery for winter wear.  

Purple Felt Cuff
The white one can be worn as either a bracelet or a little crown on top of the head.
 Felt Crown
Thanks for looking!
Felt Lace Bracelets


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