Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beaded Fern Earrings with Herringbone Stitch

I've always loved Melissa Grakowsky Shippee's beaded ferns, and I finally got a hold of her book "I can herringbone" and made myself a pair. Actually, I think I'll give this pair to my mom for Thanksgiving. I rarely make other people's beadwork designs these days, but these were a real pleasure to make with Melissa's fantastic instructions.


  1. Those earrings are just beautiful. I may have to get the book just so I can make them. Your mom will love, love, love them!

  2. They are beautiful!!
    I made this design as necklace. Now, this is a wonderful idea!

  3. They are beautiful!! Your mother will be happy!
    I made this design as necklace. Now this is a new idea.
    Thank you, Gwen


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