Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unlikely Square Earrings and Pendant

I've been fiddling around with cubic right angle weave (learn how to make CRAW), making beaded versions of things like the Impossible Triangle of Roger Penrose.  This strange construction was made famous by M.C. Escher, and several years ago, I made what I think was the very first one using bead weaving.  Since then, several new finishes of beads have been made available, many of which have found there way into my big box of beads.  So I decided to revisit these designs with some of my newer bead finishes.  I'm really quite fond of these new colors.

Because a square has four sides, and CRAW also has four sides, you can color the square frame with four different colors that wind their ways around the frame.  Each color does one lap around the square.  Here's a different color scheme of the same construction.
The triangle doesn't lend itself to this same kind of coloring, since it has just one edge and one face that wind their way around the triangle three full laps. I have a tutorial for the Highly Unlikely Triangle

I really wanted to use more colors than in the triangle above, so I made this triangle below.  It has a different color on each leg of the triangle.
I really liked the color scheme of the square earrings and pendant at the top of this post, so while the beads were out, I made some DNA Earrings (learn how to make them yourself).  I added some green amethysts to add a touch more sparkle.
And a little pair of Cutie Pie Earrings (learn how to make them yourself), with three natural sparkling amethyst on each earring.
Links for the tutorials are in the text above.  The jewelry is for sale in my Etsy shop.   Click on the photos to see the listings.  Thanks for looking.


  1. WOW...wonderful, I love this design.


  2. Great improbable CRAW creations! I like the color patterning on the squares, especially in the black and silver square with just a hint of purple and green. Have you tried pentagons and/or hexagons by any chance?

    1. I've been meaning to try a hexagon, but the pentagon would have the same coloring problem as the triangle, so I think I'll skip the pentagon. I also want to try a cinqfoil knot, like the trefoil, but with five lobes instead of three. So much to bead, so little time!

  3. These are VERY cool designs. I bought the green/purple/gold square on Etsy...the colors in person are gorgeous together.


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