Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stripes and Lime Mini Dress, What's Not to Love?

If you have ever met me, you know I'm a sucker for anything lime green.  Anything... if it's a good shade of lime, I will probably buy it, or at least pick it up and linger over it for a while.  So, when I found this cotton jersey fabric in bright lime, I just had to buy it!  I matched it with some black and white striped cotton jersey to make this mini dress. 
Here you can see it on Marge, my dress form, framed by my Sarracenia plants in the foreground.  They've been eating well lately, by the way. You can even see how full of flies they are.  Eat up kids!
I actually made this dress twice to develop a pattern that fits me.  The first one was just generally too big, I measured the width of the back panels wrong, and to make matters worse, while I was trimming the last hem, I snipped a hole right into the fabric!@#$%  So I darned it, and will be giving it away to a friend.
The second one, in these photos, came out just right.  I love the long sleeves and high neckline for Fall. Below you can see the extra seaming in the back to give it a more fitted form.  I'm really tempted to keep this little dress, but a girl's gotta pay her bills.
Click on the photos to go to the listing in my Etsy shop.


  1. Lime lime lime!

    ...*ahem* Anyway, it's very cute :)

  2. Hey thanks Cindy. There's certainly a lot of lime in this one!


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