Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Supercoil Basketweave Hat

If you remember from earlier, I made a big 4 ounce ball of supercoil yarn with my Artemis Artemis batts (in Verdigris and Copper Beech colorways) and bits and pieces of other yarns from my mom's stash of remnants. I decided to weave my superoil yarn into a hat using a basket weave. I've never seen anybody do this with supercoils before, so it's a great surprise to see how it unfolds as I sew.

I first needed to spin a skinny single to use as my weft, the part I thread through my needle and weave in and out of the supecoils. That's the little plain skein here. So far, I've finished the top of the hat by starting in the center and spiraling my way out. I made the top the same circumference as my head. After completing the top, I turned a corner to work down the sides and ran out of my weft yarn. I can see that I won't have enough supercoil yarn for a brim. So, I'm going to need to spin the other 4 ounces of wool batts I have to finish the brim. That's next, so stay tuned. What I learned: I like the look of this weave best when the weft is very thin and sinks into the supercoils. That effect is not really what I'm achieving with this weave, but I still like it alright. Also, it's hard to make my stitches look even, but I don't think that I stood much of a chance considering how irregular the supercoil yarn is.

And now for the artsy texture shots...

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