Friday, June 12, 2009

Singles and socks, but not together

I bought some amazingly beautiful batts from Artemis Artemis on Etsy. I started spinning two of them together with bits of other yarns from my stash. You can see the pile of fibers in the first photo, and the spun single in the second photo. I'm going to ply it into supercoil yarn. What I learned: I really prefer plied yarn to singles, since it's stronger and puffs up when you ply it. Oh how I love that springy wooly goodness.

I worked on the top part of my striped socks this week. I spent hours designing the chart and then knitting it up, only to find that it doesn't fit and I have to rip it all out. :( What I learned: stranded knitting is not as stretchy as regular knitting, even when you stretch as you knit.

I either need to use larger needles or make it plain stripes at the top. Not sure which I'll do yet.

Here's a pile of fur sleeping behind me. Prrr.

1 comment:

  1. Wow Gwen, love what you're creating with your new spinning wheel! And your pattern is gorgeous!!!


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